West Coast Album, 2000

I was digging around for some old photographs, and came across an online album of photos and commentary I did after a 3-week trip up the West Coast in 2000. All organized by location, indexed, with bibliography and template design. First, I can’t believe how much effort I put into it. Second, I remember that this was the time I began shooting photographs again, after a number of years’ hiatus following the theft of my camera. I recall I saw a $10 point-and-shoot at a supermarket, quite incidentally, and threw it in my basket, thinking it might be good for a few shots.

Ok, not that I’m an acclaimed professional photographer now, remembering where I started out; but it was the first time I used the camera as a way to very deliberately examine places, and record them as for a visual record (as opposed to, as an artistic interpretation).  This is almost entirely what I’ve done  with photography ever since, probably at the expense of its artistry.

Below are a few samples.  Click on photos to go to corresponding album page.