Fund Me

Gathering this info here in convenient place because it’s a common question I get.

Electronic payment to Tim:

1) Paypal:
[note, that is a ‘one’ digit after ‘tmccormick’]
Email address for the account:
There’s also a Paypal app you can use.

[note, that is a ‘one’ digit after ‘tmccormick’].
There’s also a app you can use.

3)  @tmccormick
This is usually used via Venmo app.

4) Electronic Funds Transfer (via bank):

JPMorgan Chase Bank
Tampa, FL 33610-0000
(800) 677-7477‬
Electronic Transfer / ACH number: 021100361
Bank Routing Number: 021000021
Checking Account Number: 8481500133

5) Patreon: has been suggested, working on this.

6) Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)
Address: 35A6S1oujRos64L33NhvuaxHHMh92gboFx

7) ETH (Ethereum cryptocurrency)
Address: 0xA3520bCC02bcbb0Ea16Cb1Faa2C8aacE848a2348

Ethernet Domain System (ENS) address:  tmccormick.eth

8) Crypto Wallet: Coinbase Wallet – username tmccormick

Receive BTC:
Address: bc1qh8j6k9pl583m85zaj86xxjccwar745grefah6p






Receive ETH: 
Address: 0xA3520bCC02bcbb0Ea16Cb1Faa2C8aacE848a2348

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