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I’m a designer, researcher, product developer in Portland, Oregon. Working on various projects, including:

  • YIMBYwiki, an online collaborative platform for research and advocacy materials related to the YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard) movement, housing, and land use.
    • New Starter Homes – grant-proposal project to pilot a large-scale program of low-cost, movable, pre-fabbable, backyard cottages, to create affordability for low-income Portland renters and homeowners, and for disaster / climate change adaptability.
    • Revillaging the World: patterns for affordable housing from Oregon: an in-progress web/book project to create a taxonomy of housing affordability approaches, each illustrated by an outstanding project/program example from Oregon.
  • Houslets: an ngoing project to research, prototype, and test adaptable living spaces. Over the last few years I’ve exhibited and lived in various prototype, DIY (Do It Yourself) dwelling structures designed to be easily built and changed by most people, using easily available materials; but that are capable of compliance with building code, vehicle, or temporary-structure codes.The last structure, which I lived in inside a West Oakland warehouse space, was partly converted into and partly transported by a trailer structure which I transported to Portland in 2018 when I (mostly) relocated. As of mid 2019 I am working on a) reassembling a version of the structure inside a local storage unit; and b) exploring how to use components of or a version of it for a flexible cargo-van conversion project. I.e., to create adaptable dwelling/work space inside a cargo van.
  • Village Collaborative – I coordinate this national network supporting tiny-house village projects for the unhoused.
  • I also do furniture assembly/installation, carpentry, & handyman work through TaskRabbit, you can hire me there for short-term work.
  • Another Design is Possible: 10 Contrarian Design Patterns & Projects is a post / half-serious book proposal I wrote in 2013, discussing and linking to various of my projects from then.

Formerly: consultant at Stanford Media X; co-founder, Open Library of Humanities; Stanford HighWire Press; OCLC Online Computer Library Center; Openly Informatics (acquired by OCLC).

Contact & social-media information: 

  • Email: tmccormick (at) gmail.com.  [preferred way to contact me]
  • Phone: + 1 503 334 1894
    note: this is a Google Voice number that routes to my current phone. I usually don’t see or pick up incoming phone calls, unless scheduled or notified in advance. I do get texts, notifications of calls, and a transcription of voice mails via email, so you can leave a message, but text or email works better for me.  
  • Twitter: @tmccormick, @YIMBYwiki 
  • Skype: tim_mccormick
  • LinkedIn profile (resume)
  • Facebook profile 
  • Medium (essays/posts): @tmccormick
  • Instagram: tmccormick10.
  • Photo albums on Google Photos (2018 on): bit.ly/tims-photos.

Other items of note:

  • Amazon wishlist, books, tools, design objects, etc; sorted by priority. (short link: bit.ly/tims-wishlist).
  • PGP Public Key:  http://tjm.org/public-key/
  • I co-edited Rebooting the Academy: 12 Tech Innovators Who Are Transforming Campuses, published in July 2012 by The Chronicle of Higher Education.
  • I was born in Portland, Oregon, then grew up in London for 10 years, then lived in Portland, then New Haven, CT; New York for 14 years; Palo Alto for 3 years; San Francisco and Mendocino and Oakland for 3 years; now am mostly in Portland.
  • I formerly worked for Stanford University’s HighWire Press, as Sr. Product Manager for Emerging Content. .
  • Previously, I worked at OCLC, Online Computer Library Center, in the Grid Services (i.e. Web Services) group. Before that, at startup Openly Informatics (acquired by OCLC), and Juno Online Services.  .
  • I’m a dual citizen of the U.S. and the U.K. .
  • I have had two catsBao-yu (贾宝玉 / 賈寶玉 / Jiǎ Bǎoyù / Chia Pao-yu, “precious jade”), now living in Spokane; and, RIP (2008-2016) Tai-yu (林黛玉 / Lín Dàiyù / Lin Tai-yu; “Blue-black Jade”). They were named for two main characters in the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber (Hónglóu mèng / 红楼梦).
  • Skypetim_mccormick .
  • Photographs:
    Flickr-hosted photos 2005 to 2011 or so?
    2017- on: Google Photos .
  • Book wish-lists and readings lists:
    • Amazon wish list (more up-to-date / ephemeral, mostly books but other items also).
    • My personal library catalogued on LibraryThing, sorted by most recent entries first. It generally lists both those I currently own (“My Library” subcollection, about 1800 books) but those formerly owned (‘deaccessioned, about 2500 books), read, or checked out from a library. No, I haven’t read all of them. .
  • my San Francisco / Bay Area Google map (some places of note to me)
  • JSTOR alumni access link.

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