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I’m a designer, researcher, product developer in Portland, Oregon (and sometimes Mendocino County, California, and Oakland, California).  Working on multiple projects, including:

  • YIMBYwiki, an online collaborative platform for research and advocacy materials related to the YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard) movement, housing, and land use.
  • Houslets, research and prototyping of adaptable living spaces.
  • Village Collaborative – I coordinate this national network supporting tiny-house village projects for the unhoused.
  • New Starter Homes – project for a large-scale program of low-cost, pre-fab backyard cottages, for low-income Portland renters and homeowners.
  • I also do furniture assembly/installation, carpentry, & handyman work through TaskRabbit, you can hire me there for short-term work.

Formerly: consultant at Stanford Media X; co-founder, Open Library of Humanities; Stanford HighWire Press; OCLC Online Computer Library Center; Openly Informatics (acquired by OCLC).

Contact & social-media information: 

  • Email: tmccormick (at) gmail.com.  [preferred way to contact me]
  • Phone: + 1 650 468 0415
    note: I usually don’t see or pick up incoming phone calls, unless scheduled or notified in advance. I do get texts, notifications of calls, and a transcription of voice mails via email, so you can leave a message, but text or email works better for me.  
  • Twitter: @tmccormick, @YIMBYwiki 
  • Skype: tim_mccormick
  • LinkedIn profile (resume)
  • Facebook profile 
  • Medium (essays/posts): @tmccormick
  • Instagram: tmccormick10.
  • Photo albums on Google Photos (2018 on): bit.ly/tims-photos.

Other items of note:

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